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You can Host a Screening with Tugg!

Host a screening in your community of "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation"

Host a Tugg Screening

Official Poster comes with a screening! 

"With Tugg, people can pick movies to show at local theaters" - Los Angeles Times

"Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation" is now available in your community! Learn how to have your own screening through Tugg, the new crowd funding site for films! Tugg has partnered with theaters nationwide for you to see films in your community. Host a screening for your Girl Scouts Troop, non-profit organization, Book Club, school, neighborhood, community center at a local theater. 

You can host the screening and sell the tickets through the Tugg website.  Tugg works like this:

1.  Create an event

Select your event details, and then Tugg will reserve the theater and give you a personalized event page for your screening. You will here from Tugg when your venue has been confirmed.

2. Spread the word 

Share the event through email and social media with your friends, family, and community! I have worked with the hosts for the Tugg screenings and each host has chosen to use the screening as a fundraiser for their organization. 

3. Meet the Threshold

Sell enough tickets before the event deadline and your screening will be confirmed! (It's like any crowd funding event, if you don't meet the threshold you won't be charged.) Have the family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, organizers, political connections, "Meet-up" connections, book club friends and your local barrister. Create a new community for yourself!

4. Enjoy the show! 

Now you get to sit back and enjoy the movie with your community! Personalize it for your community and friends. It's your show!

Read about Tugg in the Los Angeles Times!   

Host a screening for "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation" here.