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Speaking engagements and testimonials about Jennifer Hall Lee and "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation."



"Everyone was very engaged and interested in your film. And we had a really good discussion about the film in the context of the British movement afterwards." Magda Oljejor "How the vote was won: an evening of exhibition and film July, 2018

"I am so grateful that you made this movie, and that you are unapologetic about being a feminist...Your message is essential to get out. The Women's Liberation Movement was such an important part of history, and like most things surrounding women's history, it has been erased...This film should be a required part of the curriculum in every school in the country, and beyond!" - Tammy Caputi, Arizona

"{Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation] brings out so many interesting details that every viewer will learn something for the first time and for our viewers at a local theater, it was the impetus for multiple conversations afterwards with parents, children and friends. We had City College students attending from a History of Women course and for them it was an eye-opener. Plus, Jennifer’s Q and A session was inspiring - it’s evident that she’s passionate about being a feminist - and she re-kindled for many of us that passion to actively continue the fight for equal rights." - Frances Rozner, 2015-2016 President, AAUW Long Beach, CA

"It's a wonderful collection of stories and you introduced us to some great women pioneers. There's a wealth of material there and I can see why it's taken you ten years to make it. Congratulations on the award too, well deserved." - Margaret Williams, UK Feminism in London conference

"You were calm and composed, which made me relax and settle in, knowing a good story was about to unfold. I thought this was a brilliant approach to a topic; feminism, that I imagine other people are touchy about. The piece was well stated and historically accurate; educational with no hint of preachiness. It reminded me of the aspects of feminism that are fun to me 0 a great shot in the arm! Thank you for it, Jennifer Hall Lee. I look forward to what you have to say next." - Sara Jane Welch

"One of the things you said in your presentation struck me and has stayed with me. You said your daughter was a baby when you started the film, and has grown up with it, and that you see the difference it has made in her perspective/world view. How fascinating and inspiring. If that was then multiplied with every girl across the world just from having our histories taught to us, it would be a very different world!" - Louise in the UK

 "I really know nothing about feminism but three quarters of the way through the film I found myself in tears to see so many clear-sighted, clear-speaking women comfortable in their ‘self’ and all speaking on the theme of standing up for women." - Joanne Woolger, UK

"Being afforded the opportunity to watch women wake up to the realities of their lives, and to see them stepping into their power in order to transform their realities and to change the world, is a wondrous sight to behold. Watching Jennifer Lee's Feminist Stories from Women's Liberation 1963-1970 is one such opportunity. If you weren't a feminist before seeing the film, you will be by the end of it."          -Yula Burin, UK Feminist Library screening 2015

"Thanks so much for screening your film at the British Library. It was great so see it, and I only wish it was longer! I loved that you went to interview some of my heroes and so thank you so much for all your hard work. I enjoyed the sequences where you talk directly to camera, and I know how much bravery it takes to go in front of camera and share yourself and your thoughts… It was entertaining, and interesting, and educational, and it felt like watching something documentary and experimental… Great stuff! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts." - Becky Sharpe, Photographer and Filmmaker, UK British Library screening 2015

From the Pre-screening for the Feminism in London Conference which will be in October 2015

“Over 100 people came along, all cheered and clapped and were engaged in the questions afterwards. We could have gone on for hours. For some this was their first ever feminist event and others will no doubt end up in the UK version of the film. The range and levels of interest lead me to believe that there is another surge in the revolution! " -Feminism in London Conference co-organizer, Lisa-Marie Taylor

"Thank you first for making that wonderful, moving and very important film and for teaching me so much about WLM in an American context. It's safe to say that everyone at last night's event was captivated by your film - you had us inspired and gripped. When you visit Feminism in London next Autumn you may be mobbed! I was particularly interested in understanding more about the institutional/governmental origins of the American WLM and its links to Civil Rights and student protest. “ - Polly Russell, UK

"Jennifer, your film is beautiful and inspiring, and it made me cry more than once." - Lucy Tammam, UK

"Feminist Stories is engaging, funny, poignant and shines a light on the under-told stories of the brave women who paved the road towards women's liberation. I've been teaching courses in women's studies for almost twenty years yet still learned a lot from this gem of a documentary." -Dr. Lori Horvitz, Professor of Literature and Language Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Director, UNC-Asheville

"I thought you're presentation was really powerful. Its pretty typical for girls to have little or no exposure to women's rights and civil rights history, but giving them historic context for the struggles of women and minorities is critically important and contributes to building resiliency. It was awesome to see the impact of the program and see young women become inspired to create change after seeing how past generations of women created change for them." -Tara Penny, Program Manager, Westchester County Girls, Inc.

"Jennifer Hall Lee’s film explores and sheds light on the complicated and often misunderstood past of the Women’s Liberation Movement. The nuanced story features questions, examples, retellings, and firsthand accounts from some of the most vivid and fascinating members of this crucial point in American history. Her filmmaking is consistent, engaging, and informative." -Dylan Jones , student, Western Kentucky University

"Thank you for a wonderful event on Friday! We were so proud to show this important and impressive film, and I was really pleased with the turnout. There was a nice range of people and it was fantastic to hear the response to the film — I saw shaking of heads in disbelief, heard laughing, heard women remembering those times, and the audience had great questions and comments for you that showed they really thought about the issues." - Janice Monger, Director, Alice Austen House

 "...The movie was so enlivening to me and was a great way to introduce others to the times of women's liberation 1963-70. I lived in those times and I know how special it truly is. Your brought much more to the screen than I also was aware of, many facts that I did not even know about actually, this movie is a movie for young women and old alike to educate them about why we need women's liberation. This is a movie that should be viewed in schools and other programs.  - Lee Derus, UNC Asheville, NC


"I obtained a copy of your film from WBAI-FM in New York City (where I too grew up) and showed it last night to a group of friends, mostly non-political women in Central New Jersey. They loved the film. I introduced the film by telling them how I tended up participating in the August 26, 1970 March down Fifth Avenue when I was 17 years old and how the experience changed my life forever. Your film is important and needs to be shown far and wide. I applaud what you have created because it is opening up dialogue and yes raising consciousness. As one women in the film stated, if we have continued our consciousness raising groups to the present time we would probably be living in a much more progressive and peaceful world." Sharleen Leahey songs4peace / 

“Jennifer Lee’s film opened our eyes to exactly what is missing from what we know about the 1960s and 70s - the history of feminism. It is thoughtfully crafted, generous in its treatment and visually interesting in its use of archive film, interview and narration. It is a personal journey but one that almost any woman shares who was born after the main struggles for women’s rights. It should all be seen by every schoolchild! Now what we need is for her to make a sister film on the herstory of British feminism." - Nicky Saunter, UK, November 14, 2014

"The students learned so much practical production information that it reshaped our discussion of THE THIN BLUE was one of the most productive and enjoyable sessions we have had thus far...Best of luck with the rest of this film's journey and your upcoming project. I loved how you brought such a diverse view of Kickstarter use to our class dialogue!" - Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Film and Postcolonial Literature, Western Kentucky University

"Being behind the camera is different than being in front of it,” Lee said. “It is important [for females] to take the position of the narrator and tell stories from their point of view.” Lee’s lecture, which followed the screening of the film, addressed the dangers of allowing the women’s movement to slip from our collective cultural memory, according to Seltzer." - Manuel Poch, "Independent filmmaker brings award-winning documentary to Women's Studies event series" Sept. 29, 2014

“The film deals with the feminism of the 1960s—usually referred to then as the Women’s Liberation Movement, or, somewhat disparagingly, as Women’s Lib—from the origins of the Second Wave as part of the Civil Rights movement to Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking The Feminine Mystique to the protests at the 1967 Miss America pageant. Despite my studies, Filmmaker Lee does an excellent job of covering disagreements within the movement. " - Holly Derr, "How Much do you Know about Women's Lib?" Ms. Magazine Blog, Dec. 3, 2013

 "Remembering and studying the women who broke the barriers before us is not just the right thing to do; we ignore their hard-won lessons at our own peril. For American women, our careless amnesia is plain poison and Lee's film is a healthy portion of the antidote. - Kamala Lopez,  Amnesia: Feminism's Poison Pill, Huffington Post , March, 2013

"If I had a magic wand and could bonk you with it, I'd spirit you to a screening of a documentary I wish were mandatory viewing in schools: It's called "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation." - Ellen Snortland, On the Shoulders of Women, Pasadena Weekly, October 2, 2013

"Jennifer Lee, a smart, utterly engaging, creative director, showed her new film, "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation 1963-1970." The one-hour film is terrifically entertaining as well as informative..." -Paula Caplan, Ph.D, Much-needed Women and Media Conference Energizes, Inspires, Psychology Today, September 14, 2013

Dr. Shira Tarrant

Dr. Shira Tarrant

"Jennifer Lee has documented a lively blend of personal stories by a diverse group of bold feminists. The imperfect blend of race, class, and gender politics faced by 1960s and 1970s feminism is often glossed over or misrepresented these days. This movie helps correct the record. And, for any who think our own generation invented being badass, Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation reminds us that we should dream of being as radical, brave, and creative, as those who came before us. Wishing the film—and feminist activism—much continued success!" - Shira Tarrant, PhD, author of Men and Feminism (Seal Press) and When Sex Became Gender (Routledge)

From the Institute for the Musical Arts East. The Rock n Roll Camp for Girls!

"The girls of Teen II ("Performance") Camp at IMA loved watching your documentary "Feminist: "Stories from Women's Liberation"'. Thank you for making such a meaningful film and adding to the quality of our lives. We are Playing It Forward! ~ much love, June Millington, Fanny member and Owner of IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"Thank you for making such a meaningful film. I loved it and it taught me a lot about the women who have made it possible for all the women following them to have more opportunities and rights. It was very inspiring."
-Dunia Adel, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"I was very inspired by watching your film, the stories were amazing and very eye-opening. I learned a lot that I didn't know about what made it possible for women have what we do today. Thank you so much for sharing it with us."
-Kennady Tracy, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"Thank you for teaching me about how hard it was for the women in that time. I wish I was able to thank all of them for making a path for us. And though I cannot do so, I am so glad I was able to learn about it in such a helpful way. Thank you for that." -Ava Westburg, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"The film was extremely eye opening. Clearly, I had already considered myself a feminist, but I hadn't known too much about everything that happened. The feminist movement somehow isn't taught in history class at school and I wish it was.This really made me appreciate all of the things women throughout history did in order to gain more respect. I promise I will never whisper the word feminist!" -Ariana Natoli, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I am a feminist, and so are you. Thank you very much for creating this eye opening video."  -Lila Goleman, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

"The film made me realize how much easier girls have it now, and how much fighting and protesting went on to get these rights. I have always considered myself as a feminist, but this opened my eyes up to a whole new level. Thank you!"~ Christina Briggs, IMA East, Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

I am so grateful that you made this video. I knew some about how much women had to go through to get to where we are now, in the back of my mind; your film brought it to the front of my attention and made me really consider and appreciate all that happened. It is amazing to me that you were able to get all these stories together for when the women won't be around to tell them themselves. Again, thank you! ~Melissa Lyons

I really loved the film Feminist. I know a lot about modern day feminism but It was really educational to hear about the women's rights movement of the '60s. It was an incredible film. Very inspiring. I will never whisper the word 'feminist!' Thanks for making this movie. -Bridgett

I really enjoyed your documentary on feminism. I consider myself a feminist and it was really inspiring to hear more about my sisters that paved the way for modern day feminists. thank you so much. -Gabby Wood

"Thanks for your work, Jennifer!  I teach intro women's studies classes and the film is a great way to cover some history of the US women's movement. Thanks for covering the conflicts and complexities in the movement, and for tying its roots to the civil rights and anti war campaigns.  Well done!" - Dr. Susan Overton, University of Connecticut Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

"Feminist:  Stories from Women's Liberation" breathes new life into the continuing vigil for women's equality.  Ms. Lee interviews our foremothers in an intimate and immediate way.  Original footage shows the sometimes surprising lengths the early feminists went to and shows us we still need to keep pushing forward to maintain equality. - Linda Rudell-Betts Senior Librarian Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department Central Library, Los Angeles Public Library

"There is so much that is laudatory about this film, Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation. Beyond Feminism 101, beyond the anecdotal (as wonderful as the stories are) and both proffered, Jennifer Lee has reconstituted a time and history, the so called 'Waves' in a way that give the underpinnings, 'nuts and bolts' with the real divergences and conflicts, unavoidably painful, among women of the liberation movement; besides giving us the insider view of the hidden agendas of male obstacles manufactured and lawless. (Sound familiar?) No one, no matter the divergence, was stopped in women's liberation true to the 'Wave' energized by the decade. Greatly, and thanks to a documentary such as Ms. Lee's whose 'script' was the words by the many spokeswomen who either bore witness or kicked butt." - Marnea Carmean, audience member from the Women's History Month Screening Series 

"At the Goodman South Madison Library, a blizzard was brewing outside, but inside eleven brave people gathered for an inspiring film about a group of women and a time in  U.S. history that changed women's lives forever. Many of the members of the Second Wave of feminism, aka the Women's Liberation Movement, are now in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Jennifer Lee has done an enormous service to this present generation by telling their stories and perhaps more importantly allowing them to tell US their stories in their own words in this candid film. A few times during the film our room erupted in cheers and laughter or I would hear poignant affirmations and sighs, as the story unfolded. The discussion which continued for a good half hour or more was lively and thought-provoking, cut short only because outdoor conditions were worsening by the minute!  I look forward to an opportunity to show this film again and to further films by Jennifer Lee." - Christina Wagner, Librarian, Goodman South Madison Library

"We were so pleased to screen "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation" at our library.  The documentary covers the development of the feminist movement and why it mattered.  This film made our older patrons reminisce about how much women had to fight for rights.  This film also made the younger viewers realize how far women had come and why they should embrace advocating women’s rights. Kudos to Jennifer Lee for this wonderful and diverse documentation of what steps were taken until now." -Racine Zackula, Librarian Art, Music and Video Department Wichita Public Library

"The time for screening the film was perfect during the Women’s History Month celebration at our library. We are very grateful to Jennifer Lee for providing us with a copy of her well-researched documentary. Jennifer’s interviews with a diverse group of women discuss in great length the inequities, women’s roles in society, gender-related issues, and most importantly, creating change. The historical film is so informative, touching, and inspiring that a college instructor in the audience plans to use it for her class discussion this Fall. We wish more men would havewatched it. Congratulations to Jennifer for her invaluable contribution to society and women in particular." – Sri TenCate, Librarian, Molokai Public Library

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to show your documentary at SAPL - John Igo Branch. It was very well received. There were over 30 high school and university students attending the screening. The discussion which followed afterwards was lively and intelligent. - Barbara Kwiatkowski, Teen Services Librarian, San Antonio Public Library, John Igo Branch

"I have read two books on feminism but it wasn't until I watched your video that the penny had sunk! Thank you and it was amazing to see how far us women have come but I also feel we still have a long way to go!" - Jill, student

"I was a college student in the early 1970s, and although I proudly referred to myself as a “feminist,” I was too young and too naive to fully understand what the word “feminism” really meant. The word is still so misunderstood that many women today are unwilling to refer to themselves as feminists for fear that it might reflect negatively on them. Exactly what does it mean to be a “feminist?”

This is the question that Jennifer Lee artfully explores in her documentary, Feminist: Stories of the Women’s Liberation Movement. As I watched the film, I realized that even after 40 years, I was still painfully uninformed about those women who brought The Women’s Movement into action. Such heroic women as Pauli Murray and Esther Peterson worked within the confines of the newly organized Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the President’s Commission on the Status of Women in the hopes that women could be given fair treatment in the workplace. Frances Beal, Mary King and Casey Hayden worked for the rights of women, both black and white, through their involvement with The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). One of their contributions was the seminal paper “Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo,” which reached women across the nation in a time before the internet. Women physically handed the paper out to any passerby who wanted to read it. Meanwhile, Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique was published. Thankfully, these women were able to accomplish such feats as Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, finally ending segregated job ads in newspapers as well as better hiring practices for women.

Yet these are only a few of the women highlighted in Lee’s documentary. Throughout the film, Lee interviews a number of authors and activists, including Robin Morgan and Kate Millet, Sonia Pressman, and Betty Friedan. These interviews lead to frank discussions on the role of women of color in the movement as well as the involvement of the LGBT community. Lee also turns the camera on herself for her own personal reflection. By the end of the film, I felt as if I had actually met each of these women. They were now my friends and comrades. Their stories are now my stories. And as Jennifer Lee says herself, these are stories to share with our daughters, and with their daughters." - Sara Pierce, Texas

Chenese Lewis moderates a Q+A with Jennifer Lee, Beverly HIlls, CA

"I loved watching Feminist Stories, and not just because I was in it. How gratifying that the  young director Jennifer Lee, who had to dig out the history of women's liberation from scratch, was able to get it so right.  The documentary recreates the feel of that exciting movement without dodging or fudging the thorny issues. An honest, brave, revealing film. " Alix Kates Shulman

"Feminist Stories, Women's Liberation is by far the best of all the films about the women's liberation movement wlm and NOW, from 1963-70. It doesn't try to do everything and what it does it does it does well.  It explores the issues of race, lesbians and reproductive rights for the wlm and for NOW job equality and making the laws include women. A dozen or more representative women are interviewed in depth and one hears the different stories and sometimes conflicting ideas. The joyous uplifting early wlm spirit comes across as women begin to see the world with new eyes ideas and speak out and march to make permanent changes in millions of  lives. As an early feminist activist in New York Radical Women, WITCH and Redstockings and as the first to speak at the Abortion speak out in 1969, referred to in the film and taught women's history at State University of NY at Old Westbury for more than 35 years and have written books on the wlm, I am usually exceedingly critical, but all I can say is bravo, congratulations and see this film which even high schoolers would enjoy.  I want my grandchildren to be able to view it." - Rosalyn Baxandall

Read Review In Psychology Today

"We had a very mixed group of about 45 attendees at the screening, and almost all stayed afterward for an impromptu  "consciousness raising group" during which many of the film's issues were rehashed. Several members of the audience contributed information about ongoing activities around gender issues, specifically an initiative to archive information about New Haven's women's liberation history. An adjunct professor in the group asked me about offering a series of classes about women's issues, which is under consideration.

This excellent film generates heat of the most thoughtful and engaging kind. Jennifer Lee has crafted an elegant and smart review of the history of feminism in this country that is still accessible through living memory. I'm just hoping for a sequel that includes some of the other activists in this field who were mentioned but not interviewed." Carol Brown, Manager of Programming and Communications,New Haven Public Library, New Haven CT 

"Wonderful film, great discussion, and many memories. I met my husband in 1970 just after I had attended one of my weekly Consciousness Raising groups. The prior evening he had been on a date and after referring to her as a "girl" she informed him that "Woman" was the proper term. The next day on our first date, when he called me “a girl”, I also corrected him. He told me that he had been corrected the evening before. (Ironically) Both of his dates were in the same CR group and our respective date received a double dose of Feminism. He is a great one now." -Maxine Nadel Offenbach   

"Feminist :Stories from Women 's Liberation" screening. "Thanks again for your superb film. It gave me an understanding of what was actually going on during that time that I lived through (college, late '60s-early '70s)--made sense out of the chaos. The screening and Q & A afterwards were great." -Patricia Musick

"After leaving the theater and driving home, I realized that my mom was born in 1954 and attended Colorado College in the 70s and I have never asked her once about her experiences around women’s liberation, how the movement was discussed in her family or anything about it! I immediately called her and learned a lot about my family and my mom’s experience...These extraordinary women that have made this movement possible make me want to be brave and stand up for what is just and what is meaningful." - Amanda DeMirth

"Feminist: Stories is poignant, funny, very powerful, and unapologetic. Jennifer Lee deftly asserts the progress that's been made by the feminist movement, the imperative to take pride in its philosophy, and the importance of using its history to galvanize further efforts. In the midst of the Fourth Wave's surging online feminist advocacy, those of us on the younger end of the spectrum will be inspired by how the foundation came to be built and the struggles women faced in those days starting from scratch. Also impressive is Lee's unflinching acknowledgement of the movement's setbacks for women of color and the LGBT community and how those should be crucial lessons moving forward. This film is a must-see. - Charles Clymer, Huffington Post Blogger and Found of Equality for Women

"Jennifer Lee's film reminds us that the struggle for human dignity is not easy nor is it a finished work. "Feminist: Stories" is far more than an earnest documentary of the origins and development of the women's liberation movement. The attack on women's rights in the here and now is why Jennifer's film transcends a dusty old historical account of bygone struggles...As a former civil rights reporter in the South during the Civil Rights Movement, I remember the scorn of my fellow menfolk that greeted "women's lib" as it picked up momentum in the late 1960s...Women were the backbone of the fight to secure the vote and all of the fruits of American democracy from every molehill in Mississippi to the sweltering grape fields of California. "Feminist Stories" warms my heart with memories of the great battles for our national soul from the past and encourages all of us to move relentlessly past the sexist nonsense that is still treating more than half of our population as chattel. It is wise and wonderful. See it." -Boyd Lewis, journalist and teacher

"Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation was a powerful stimulus for me: it gave me an idea for a follow up as I viewed this film (for the fourth time) with various friends.  At the end the last few lines (from Betty Friedan) are that there are thousands of stories out there and “we’ll leave it to future generations to tell them.” Jennifer Lee has laid the foundation and this film has served for me as a clarion call to encourage grass-roots feminists of the Second Wave to tell their stories of how they translated the vision of these leaders to transform America.  Thank you for such a powerful inspiration to get us started." - Rebecca L Lubetkin, Professor Emerita, Rutgers University

Girls from the Venice, CA Boys and Girls Club attend screening in Beverly Hills, CA

"It’s hard to present the history of a social movement without giving the impression that all the exciting fights have already been won and that taking action now is irrelevant. Sometimes the activists of the past suggest they knew more than they did at the time, and were unique in their ability to organize and take risks. All of this can make for boring documentaries and a pomposity that’s off-putting to anyone born after the action being described. Somehow Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation 1963-1970, a new film by Jennifer Lee, avoids these fatal flaws. By including her own personal awakening to 1960s feminism through the making of the film, Lee opens a window onto a movement that feels almost as new and exuberant as that early movement did. - Film Review: Capital and Main, Vivian Rothstein, Community Organizer and Director of Special Events at Laane

"Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation was a well researched and thought out film.  Highlighting the herstory of the Feminist Movement of the 60’s and it’s intersection with the Civil Rights movement, this film teaches even the well versed feminist herstory buff new stories and highlights women who you don’t hear about in classes that often. Hearing first hand accounts of activism from the women we’ve all learned about in women’s studies classes brought those women and activist to life in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The Women’s Resource Center at the University of Colorado Boulder will be using this film to educate on feminist herstory, as well as look to increase our ability to tell stories about ourselves and our activism. Thanks to Jennifer, and all the women in the film for your work in keeping this important herstory alive. -- Hannah Wilks, Associate Director, Women's Resource Center, University of Colorado, Boulder

"I loved showing this film to the students at the Girls Athletic Leadership School in Denver. It is so important that they know their history and on whose shoulders they are standing when they experience the abundance of freedom given to girls in this country. I also loved that the movie highlighted those women whose stories we don't often get to hear because it gave my students an opportunity to dig deeper into this history and celebrate the unsung she-ros of this movement. It was a great teaching tool and a movie that is very timely as we work hard to impress upon our students that they can and will make vast improvements in this world." - Jennifer Derosby, GALS

"This is a must see film. In fact, I would like it to become required viewing in high school history classes. Better yet, let's introduce a women's studies curriculum into our high schools." - Diane Zazelli DeBella, Professor University of Colorado, Boulder

“It was so impressive and informative. How nice to see a film by a woman, about women, and for women. It makes you really think about how many of our stories go left untold. As a young professional woman, it’s so important to me that we have a record of our history… How else will we appreciate the hard work of those who came before us? This film is MUST WATCH for anyone, of any gender, who values the past.”-Yasmine Kohli Fordham Global Peacemaking Specialist, Intersections International

 "By introducing us to the many voices of women at the core of the women's movement, Jennifer Lee reminds us that what women now take for granted - the right "to be" without gender restrictions - was the result of a courageous struggle. After viewing her film, I overheard a young woman call herself a "feminist" without hesitation. Restoring pride and honor to the label "feminist" is one of the film's major achievements."- Carole Oligario

"It was a wonderful screening last night. Very interesting to see and hear the reactions from women of different demographics. Kaleidoscopic perspectives on a complex issue. The strength of this film is in stirring up multi-generational discussion." - Anita George

"Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation is the first documentary I have seen dedicated solely to the Women's Movement of the 1960s. I appreciated all the interviews and footage Jennifer included, and as a young college feminist it was a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to the people and events that have paved the way for my generation's feminist endeavors." - Caroline 

"We all were touched and enlivened by it and talked about the Stories and our experiences all the way home from the movie. Feminist history is as important as any other life-changing history in our country. Why have our heros been ignored? I didn’t even realize it until I saw your movie." - Marjorie Sarnat

 "...the younger girls asked questions that were more about their own current living situations. I think that’s a testament to a film that is thought and dialogue-provoking instead of giving people everything all tied up in a perfect package. While I knew a bit about the modern Feminist movement, the film really opened my eyes to how many different organizations and types of women came together during that time to make a difference and evoke, or rather provoke, change. - Kymn Goldstein 

"I was thirsty for news about the women's movement and what is happening today.  Your award-winning film, Feminism: Stories from Women's Liberation, coupled with your own current narrative, hit the spot for me.  Your work and your words were like a cool drink of water on a hot Texas day, and both created a major informational link between 1963 and now.  It was quite a treat to meet you and to see the film at Book Woman in Austin, Texas" - Louise Saxon, Fine Arts Professional

"This is a MUCH SEE film for anyone who is interested in the women's liberation movement.  This film addresses issues of intersectionality and provides important clips of a broad cross section of women activists." - Linda M. Perkins,  Associate University Professor and Director of Applied Women's Studies and Africana Studies Certificate Program

"Jennifer Lee is not only a terrific filmmaker. She is a very good historian. The accessibility of the movie’s structure – built around Jennifer’s own journey of knowing – should not distract from  how very well she has told the story of women’s liberation in the U.S.

"There are many ways to construct the narrative of this history, but Jennifer has put together one of the best. In one beautifully organized hour of video, she is able to cover the deep roots of women’s discontent in the postwar years, the brave and pioneering individuals who opened up to her about their women’s liberation experiences, and – most movingly – acknowledgement of the innumerable other women, the movement’s rank and file, in one of the great grass roots political developments of the era. Thank you Jennifer!" - Professor Ellen Dubois, UCLA Department of History

"I was deeply moved by Jennifer Lee’s “Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation”. Even though I’ve studied and written about women’s history, it’s so easy to forget, in the great rush of life, how much I owe to my foremothers and foresisters. My life was completely changed by the feminists of both the first and second wave of women’s liberation, and the film is a great reminder of the debt I owe."- Elaine Bernstein Partnow, author of The Quotable Woman, The First 5,000 Year

"Deja Vu?  NO!  Those of who were actually there will relive everything with  this beautiful film.  And  you, too will feel that you were there. It is our history. Help spread it  around. We have the world to change, and feminist history must not die, as it has so many times in past centuries. This movie will keep it going.     -Jacqui Ceballos, President Veteran Feminists of America

"This weekend [VFA Conference] I was lucky enough to watch this documentary: Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation. I'm saying the word loud and clear ever since SaturdayF E M I N I ST!!

It was a great reminder of how many women had to speak out and fight for what we take for granted today. And that we need to be active to insure those rights stay in place and continue to strive for a better balance in equality. "- Rae Eiklor, Los Angeles, CA 

 "It was quite a thrill to host a screening and discussion of Jennifer Lee's important new film "Feminist:Stories from Women's Liberation" at Charis Books. Jennifer screened the film to a full house and graciously answered difficult questions about the past and future of the feminist movement, including how we might make feminism more relevant to the next generation. We loved working with Jennifer and would highly recommend screening the film at your local bookstore, library, university, or non-profit." - Charis Books and More, Atlanta, GA (Part of the Feminist Bookstore Tour)

"She is an incredible speaker - extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. The students loved it!" - Belinda Jennings, Teach at Distance Education Centre, Victoria Australia 

"A definite must see!  The music of Fanny was interspersed throughout the film, and it really adds the perfect touch."- Kristen Hillaire Glasgow, Teaching Fellow and Teaching Assistant UCLA  

"Jennifer Lee gave an accurate and full representation of the diverse issues of and within the second-wave of feminism, making for a wonderful documentary that would be perfect for high schools to use as material in their (future) curriculum for teaching women’s history classes– which I feel the complete absence of reveals a serious issue in our education system."- I Smell Misogyny Wordpress blog

"For me the documentary is really a great inspiration. Women's movement in 1960s and 70s motivated me to work for women's rights in my part of the world with a vision for a positive social change." - Dr. Munazza Yaqoob, International Islamic University Islamabad

"I am very hopeful about Pakistani women 's liberation and emancipation. After watching the documentary and then post documentary session, I felt women in our country are bit lucky as they did not have to struggle a lot for inclusion of their rights in constitution. but we have to struggle for the awareness of those rights and then their effective implementation of those laws. And changes which I witnessed within last decade are making me confident that we have attained a lot."- Rubia Akram, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

"I cannot tell you how much you have inspired me in my own personal life too Jennifer…I am rethinking feminism and what it means. As a young woman I always identified with feminist principles and ideals yet did not say out loud I was a feminist. Stigma. But now I am embracing it and am completely fascinated by the second wave (and might go back to the first wave too), reading The Feminine Mystique and really understanding what women did back then to change things for us today. Talking to you has been really exciting.  I can't thank you enough." -Belinda Jennings Year 12 Media Students, Mill Park Secondary College, Melbourne Australia

"Jennifer Lee's film stirs crucial lost memories, reminds us of a world beyond present imagination, when American women's lives were unimaginably constricted and sexism prevailed. The interviews and insights lend vivid resonance to the continuing need for feminism, as they highlight the struggles undertaken from different angles by different constituencies of women - and make us realise the overwhelming importance of our links with histories of social change. The film lets us see and hear about efforts that were made, mobilisations and contestations undertaken. Her documentary is a remarkable, invaluable archive of memory, hopes, solidarity and the passionate desire for feminist social change. Her interviews catch for posterity the voices of some of the key movers of that earlier, initiating feminist generation. Then, in discussion, with some film clips as springboard, Jennifer leads her audience into dynamic contemporary questions and discussions - and enables us to draw activist inspiration from the boldness and determination of women in the Women's Liberation movement."- Jill Lewis, Professor of Literature and Gender Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Hampshire College 

"WOMEN DO MAKE EVERYPLACE BETTER !!! JENNIFER LEE's ''Feminist Stories '' PROVES IT !!! Saw it yesterday a truly impressive effort on the story of women's often delayed equalization in every field...

I was proud to watch Jennifer's assured on camera appearance , she'd studied acting with me and gave me some credit saying ''I learned a lot from you.'' WOW thanks JEN !!!" - Bruce Glover is an Actor and Artist. He has appeared in films such as CHINATOWN and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.  

"I was literally blown away by the power of your movie, by the joy, and the well researched information. The audience laughed, sighed, and laughed again. This is one of the most important movies I have ever seen. My son has been transformed by this rich experience. Ms. Lee, you are a jewel thank you for taking 8 years and delivering this wonder. " 

"The film really brought a whole new perspective to my son. He is all about feminism now." - Toni Barca, Artist, Writer

"The thanks goes to you for sharing excerpts from your documentary...I know everyone we heard from thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. I believe the whole evening planted many "seeds" which were inspirational and spurred activism and involvement. I look forward to seeing them sprout." -Susan Bursk, President & CEO Century City Chamber of Commerce